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Why do you offer a free trial?

We offer our free trial so that you can test Lumin products without having to pay full price or deal with the hassle of a return. Skincare results can vary according to the user and what works for one person may not work for another. This is why we find it so important to test out Lumin products through our free trial to see the results for yourself.

How can I make the most of my free trial products?

You can make the most out of your free trial products by using the products consistently and according to the instructions provided. If your trial products last for longer than 30 days or you need more time to test the products, you can extend your trial period at any time through the account portal.

If you find that you are not happy with the results or products, you can log into your account and cancel your subscription within the 1 month trial period. This will prevent your subscription from renewing.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you decide during the trial that you do not want to be enrolled in the subscription, you can process a subscription cancellation through the account portal.

If you cannot log-in with the email on your account, you can contact our Lumin support team and we’ll be able to assist.

What are the subscription terms of your 1 month free trial?

The free trial is offered at the cost of shipping and the price of the products is completely waived. With the free trial purchase, you are automatically enrolled into an accompanying subscription (bimonthly or monthly), which renews after the 30 day trial period.

You can determine whether you will be enrolled into a bimonthly or monthly subscription by checking the terms on the free trial check-out page or your Lumin account. Bimonthly subscriptions renew every 2 months after the trial period and monthly subscriptions renew every month after the trial period. You can cancel this subscription or change your renewal date at any time through your account.

If the subscription renewal is not canceled or extended, a renewal order will automatically be created 30 days after your free trial order date. Your default payment method will automatically be charged when this renewal order is created. If your subscription following the 30 day trial is bimonthly, you will be charged every 2 months and your renewal order will contain a 2 month supply of products. If your subscription following the 30 day trial is monthly, you will be charged every month and your renewal order will contain a 1 month supply of products.

These terms are explicitly given through our free trial check-out process before entering any payment information.

What can I do if I don’t receive my free trial parcel?

If you run into any issues with shipping or delivery, please contact our team so that we can assist you with delivery. Please note that the trial period is automatically set to 30 days and will not automatically be extended if shipping issues occur. Please be sure to extend your trial period through your account so that you can prevent a renewal order from being created before receiving the free trial products.

Can I cancel my subscription renewal order after it has been confirmed?

Unfortunately, cancellations cannot be guaranteed once the order is confirmed. Our logistics systems are automated and order changes may cause delays or mix-ups in the preparation of orders. Once your order is confirmed and an order confirmation email is sent, we are unable to cancel the order. However, we are happy to begin the return process for you so that you can return the order and receive a full refund.

Please use our Lumin Support Concierge to begin your return process

In order to ensure that a subscription renewal order is not created or confirmed, please cancel your subscription before the renewal date.

Can I return my free trial?

We do not offer returns or refunds for free trial products. The free trial only incurs a shipping fee and the cost of the products is completely waived, so a refund is not possible.

Can I redeem more than 1 free trial order?

Unfortunately, we only limit 1 free trial per customer. If you'd like a sample of any of our products after your free trial order, please reach out to a Lumin team member and we would be happy to add 1 free sample to each future paid order.

Please note that redeeming more than 1 free trial order is a violation of our free trial policy. Individuals that redeem more than 1 free trial order will be charged in full for subsequent free trials.

Why is the free trial unavailable in my shipping country?

Unfortunately, the free trial is a limited promotion and we are unable to offer it to all countries. The availability of the free trial is subject to change due to variables in shipping and inventory. We truly appreciate your understanding

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